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How to Get Libraries to Load in Fixed Addresses

Problem I was using DynamoRIO to do instruction tracing to troubleshoot the runtime execution stability of my program and a DLL it was loading and realised that I could not easily diff the files as the addresses were always different. Figure 1. Sample DynamoRIO trace The output shown in Figure 1 illustrates a trace. My program starts to execute at line 83. The address — 0x20XXXX would be where my program was being loaded in. On modern Windows systems, this would be different whenever my program ran due to ASLR. Disabling ASLR The quick fix to this would have been: “use Windows 7 duh”. However, I didn’t think it was a future proof solution and just merely postponed the inevitable, so I decided to see if I could do that on a fully patched Windows 10. The first recourse was to use Google: “Windows 10 disable alsr”. Sadly though, none of it worked. (Sadly, the “MoveImages” registry key only seems to work on Windows 7.) I tried turning off Exploit Guard, but to no avail too. Luckily, disabl